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Research Program

Treatment Management Tool For Adult Oncology

The web-based software OncoWorkstation is a system suitable for online and offline access and use of trial protocols for adult oncology. The system helps physicians to find relevant trial protocols and apply the chemotherapeutic schemata involved. It integrates application modules within any common web browser for searching, presentation, patient-orientated applications, documentation and definition of therapy plans as trial protocols and/or proprietary therapy schemes.

The OncoWorkstation consists of three modules:

  • Definition module: The module allows the easy and quality assured entry of all characteristics of a trial protocol according to the structures of the trial biometrics Leipzig/Homburg with definition of the trial-design flow-sheet. The definition of the schemes is kept flexible. Local, proprietary therapy schemes are definable. Dosages, solutions, supportive measures, and rules referring to them can each be considered.

  • Trial short-protocol and therapy scheme presentation module: The presentation module offers standardized presentation of trial protocols and treatment schemes as well as flexible searching according to different criteria (e.g. indication, type of trial, diagnosis) and uniform indication of relevant trial protocols and therapy schemes.

  • Therapy planning and patient administration module: The planning module provides rule-directed, knowledge-based calculation of patient-orientated therapy plans. Discrepancies, e.g. due to dosage modifications or institution-specific regulations not specified in the short-protocols can be subsequently dealt with and logged. The entire therapy process with all changes is produced in a practice-orientated manner. The structure and point of view of the therapy plan can be adapted for specific target groups (Physicians, Registrars, House Officers, Nurses etc.) and local features.

An evaluation version of the OncoWorkstation for registered users is available here.



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