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  • Development of a Formal Framework for Ontological and Conceptual Modeling
  • GFO: Development of a top-level ontology
  • GFO-Bio: Development of a biomedical core ontology
  • BIOPASS: Image-, ontology- and process-based assistance for minimally invasive endoscopic surgery
  • BOWiki: Ontological tool for biomedicine
  • MediGRID: Combining Resources for Medicine and Life Sciences (Module "Ontologies")
  • Onto-Builder: Software-Tool for the development of data dictionaries
  • OntoMedRisk: Development of an ontology-based software solution for minimisation of perioperative risk
  • OntoPMS: Development of an ontology-based risk identification software for observing marketed medical products (Post Market Surveillance, PMS) by evaluation of databases of producers and authorities and of internet sources
  • OntoVigilance: Development of an ontology-based vigilance software for provision of technical services for continuous improvement of medical products
  • SimpleAnno: Development of a middleware for ontology- and text-mining-based simplification of annotating and searching digital medical content, prototyped for dentistry
  • TCM: Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Herbology Lab: Development of tools and ontologies for herbal medicine, especially traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

31-May-2018 14:47:46