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dgologoThe D-Grid-Wiki is a semantic wiki, implemented as an extension of the Semantic MediaWiki. It is highly intertwined with the initiation of the D-Grid Ontology (DGO), a semantically enriched data set for the D-Grid initiative covering general management data (persons, projects, grid resources, etc.).

Novel features of the wiki include a metamodel distinguishing an "ontological" part and a part for structured data, and enhanced usability for managing structured data (compared to other wiki systems; e.g. forms, bidirectional management of relations, etc.).

The wiki as well as the DGO have been developed in the context of the module Ontology Tools of the MediGrid, a community project in D-Grid. The module has contributors from the database group lead by Prof. Dr. Erhard Rahm at the local Institute for Informatics (IfI) and Onto-Med.

System and Documentation

The DGO can be accessed at This forms likewise a demo of the D-Grid-Wiki. Please refer to this page as well for introductory documentation and further information. In order to access the source code, please contact Michael Hartung (DB group, IfI).